About Us

Before we go any further and see what we have on offer.

You must be at least 18 years old to purchase products from us,

It’s also important for us to say that our products are 100% legal and do not contravene UK law.

We are a UK based business and have over 10 years experience.

The company philosophy of focusing on the whole customer experience.

Our aim is to offer best value products at competitive prices.

We are constantly evolving and adding new products to our range.

We are consistently refining our prices to make sure that you the customer,gets great value for money.

We pride in ourselves in providing the best customer service possible, 7 days a week.(online 24/7)

All of our CBD products are sourced from a controlled, regulated supply that is consistently tested.

Our CBD products have virtually non-existent amounts of THC

Every batch is tested to ensure THC levels are below 0.2% THC

Most of our products are zero THC or have tiny trace amounts (0.02%)

As a simple comparison

Children can buy a can of shandy which is classified as a soft drink, as it only has 0.5% alcohol

Beer is classed as alcohol free if it has approx 0.05% alcohol.

all our products are refined,processed and sold legally under UK laws and restrictions, adhering to the production and distribution guidelines that allow us to sell and ship all across the UK

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